Open Spots in Marine Biology (FISH/OCEAN/BIOL 250)

ImageWe’ve opened more spots in FISH/BIOL/OCEAN 250 –  Intro to Marine Biology  (MWF 9:30-10:20)

No science background is needed or required to take the course.  All students can enroll.  The course counts for a Writing (5 credit course), I&S, and NW credit.  The 3 credit course is lecture only.  The 5 credit course includes hands-on labs and one overnight fieldtrip either to Friday Harbor Labs, our marine station on San Juan Islands, a beach survey to the outer Washington Coast, or a sampling trip on one of UW’s research vessels.

Please let me know if you have questions or need help with registration.
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The Pelagic Ecosystem (Open Waters) Apprenticeship at Friday Harbor Labs

Consider studying off-campus at Friday Harbor Labs (FHL), UW’s world renowned marine station on San Juan Island.  FHL is an ideal place to jump-start a career in the marine sciences, education, medicine, law and policy, and more!

Students in this apprenticeship look at the complex physical-biological relationships in the open waters (pelagic ecosystem) around the San Juan Islands. Students build on the work of past apprenticeships, exploring the causes for abundance and distribution of pelagic marine life. This study is important because it tracks long-term changes in populations of plankton, fish, seabirds, and marine mammals in one of the areas judged most highly sensitive to climate change.

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Marine Biology and Humanities Quarter at Friday Harbor Labs

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Spend fall quarter at Friday Harbor Labs, UW’s Marine Station on San Juan Island (FHL).   FHL takes UW students from across disciplines and is now encouraging freshmen and sophomores through post-bacs to apply for their undergraduate programs.

The Marine Biology and Humanities Quarter provides students with a panoramic cross-disciplinary narrative of current problems facing oceans and humans. This program includes field and lab courses in marine biology, as well as literature and creative writing classes inspired by marine biology, the local environment, and literature of the sea. No natural science background is required or recommended.

For this program, students take three classes from:

  • Introduction to Marine Biology (OCEAN/BIOL/FISH 250)
  • Ocean Circulation (Ocean 210)
  • Biology of Fishes (FISH/BIOL 311)
  • Marine Biology Research Apprenticeship (BIOL/OCEAN/FISH 479)
  • Reading the Marine Environment (ENGL 365/CHID 498)
  • Writing the Marine Environment (ENGL 283/383/483; CHID 498)
  • Creative Writing Lab (ENGL 493)

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Environmental Influences on Phytoplankton Growth Research Apprenticeship

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Consider spending fall quarter at Friday Harbor Labs (FHL), UW’s world renowned marine station on San Juan Island.  FHL is an ideal place to jump-start a career in the marine sciences, education, medicine, law and policy, and more!

Environmental Influences on the Growth of Phytoplankton Research Apprenticeship (OCEAN 492 – 15 credits)

Students will investigate how different environmental stresses affect the growth of a variety of marine phytoplankton. Students will learn how to run continuous phytoplankton cultures, in tandem with independent research projects.  Such stressor experiments might include higher temperatures (global warming), lower pH (ocean acidification), UV light (stratospheric ozone reduction), the impact of different types of anti-fouling paint or detergents ( “eco-friendly” vs. traditional), presence of caffeine in the water (non-trivial in Seattle!).  The larger project is important because phytoplankton numbers and diversity dictate the size, health and diversity of the entire marine ecosystem.  It also contributes to a larger study exploring the movement of a global tropical rain band with global warming. Continue reading

Career Center is Hiring Peer Advisors & Peer Associates

The Career Center is hiring students to work in our office for the 2012-2013 academic year. Candidates can be work-study or hourly. Interested students should apply online through HuskyJobs – We would appreciate your help in making students aware of these positions.

Peer Advisors

Help students who visit The Career Center achieve career success by providing one-to-one resume and cover letter advising, facilitating practice interviews, and answering questions about HuskyJobs. Increase the Center’s visibility and impact on campus by speaking to student groups, creating new presentations, and completing projects with Center staff members.

HuskyJobs – 61020

Peer Associates

Create a welcoming environment at The Career Center. Provide front line assistance to students, alumni, employers, and others regarding Career Center procedures, resources, and services and make appropriate referrals to related resources available on campus and beyond. Help those who use The Career Center become more confident about careers, graduate school, and job search.

HuskyJobs – 61012

Full descriptions are attached and available at –

Career Center Peer Advisor Job Announcement – 2012-2013.pdf

Career Center Peer Associate Job Announcement – 2012-2013.pdf

Health Graduate School Fair – May 2!

Are you thinking about pursuing an advanced degree in medicine, dentistry, nursing, public health, rehabilitation medicine, or other health-related fields?

The event of the year has almost arrived, and you don’t want to miss it!

Health Graduate School Fair

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

2:00-5:00pm, Mary Gates Hall Commons

Brought to you by the Career Center and co-sponsored by Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED), the Health Graduate School Fair is a great way for you to connect with representatives from more than 50 health-focused graduate and professional programs, who will be on-hand to meet with UW students and alumni interested in continuing their education in the health sciences. Whether you want to attend graduate school at the UW, elsewhere in the United States, or even internationally, the Health Graduate School Fair has something for you.

For a complete list of registered programs and institutions, as well as tips on how to prepare, please visit

Questions? Contact careerevents or 206.543.0535.