Marine Mammals and Seabirds & Marine Invertebrates Summer Field Courses @ UW’s Friday Harbor Labs

Live on San Juan Island for one or both of these 5-week intensive lab and field marine biology courses offered at UW’s marine station, Friday Harbor Labs (FHL).  Located on a 480-acre biological reserve, FHL has access to marine habitats representative of cool-temperate marine habitats widely distributed throughout the world. All courses involve fieldwork, boats, laboratory work, and research mentorship from award-winning faculty.

Marine Invertebrates (BIOL 432, Summer A-term, 9 credits)

Alternating with two lectures a day, students will study living representatives of most major groups of marine animals in the laboratory, and through fieldwork in diverse marine habitats.The course reviews the diversity of animal life in an evolutionary and ecological context, focusing on a comparative study of form, function, and life history. We will review all animal phyla, and also explore diversity within phyla based on available exemplars.

Applications are welcome from undergraduate students, post-baccalaureates and graduate students. Prior coursework in invertebrate biology or animal diversity is advisable but not essential.

Marine Mammals and Seabirds (FISH 492, Summer B-term, 9 credits)

alex_orcaThe Salish Sea supports a diverse community of marine birds and mammals. This intensive, field-based course offers motivated students the opportunity to learn about these ecologically and culturally important animals and the conservation problems they face. Perched at the edge of the San Juan Channel, the Friday Harbor Labs are a great place to develop the research skills needed to study a range of species including eagles, auklets, seals, and porpoises. We welcome applications from undergraduates, post-baccalaureates, and graduate students.

  • Application deadline: Feb 1, but applications still accepted until courses fill
  • Friday Harbor Labs Information Session: Thurs 1/17, 4-5:30 in FSH 203