The Pelagic Ecosystem (Open Waters) Apprenticeship at Friday Harbor Labs

Consider studying off-campus at Friday Harbor Labs (FHL), UW’s world renowned marine station on San Juan Island.  FHL is an ideal place to jump-start a career in the marine sciences, education, medicine, law and policy, and more!

Students in this apprenticeship look at the complex physical-biological relationships in the open waters (pelagic ecosystem) around the San Juan Islands. Students build on the work of past apprenticeships, exploring the causes for abundance and distribution of pelagic marine life. This study is important because it tracks long-term changes in populations of plankton, fish, seabirds, and marine mammals in one of the areas judged most highly sensitive to climate change.

Read about a student’s experience in the Pelagic Ecosystem Functionn Apprenticeship.

All courses involve fieldwork, boats, laboratory work, and research mentorship from award-winning faculty.  Freshmen-seniors and post-bacs are encouraged to apply. Tuition is the same as the Seattle campus, financial aid applies, and more aid is available as needed. Application deadline is July 1.

Contact marbiol at with questions.