Marine Biology and Humanities Quarter at Friday Harbor Labs

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Spend fall quarter at Friday Harbor Labs, UW’s Marine Station on San Juan Island (FHL).   FHL takes UW students from across disciplines and is now encouraging freshmen and sophomores through post-bacs to apply for their undergraduate programs.

The Marine Biology and Humanities Quarter provides students with a panoramic cross-disciplinary narrative of current problems facing oceans and humans. This program includes field and lab courses in marine biology, as well as literature and creative writing classes inspired by marine biology, the local environment, and literature of the sea. No natural science background is required or recommended.

For this program, students take three classes from:

  • Introduction to Marine Biology (OCEAN/BIOL/FISH 250)
  • Ocean Circulation (Ocean 210)
  • Biology of Fishes (FISH/BIOL 311)
  • Marine Biology Research Apprenticeship (BIOL/OCEAN/FISH 479)
  • Reading the Marine Environment (ENGL 365/CHID 498)
  • Writing the Marine Environment (ENGL 283/383/483; CHID 498)
  • Creative Writing Lab (ENGL 493)

Read about a student’s experience in the Marine Biology Quarter.

All courses involve fieldwork, boats, laboratory work, and research mentorship from award-winning faculty.  Freshmen-seniors and post-bacs are encouraged to apply. Tuition is the same as the Seattle campus, financial aid applies, and more aid is available as needed.  Application deadline is July 1.

Contact marbiol at with questions.