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Thursday April 12, 3:30-5pm in Thomson Hall 134

Learn how you can get involved with Friday Harbor Labs (FHL), UW’s world renowned marine station on San Juan Island. FHL faculty and former students will share their experiences, talk about their research, and answer questions. FHL is an ideal place to spend a quarter and jump-start your career in the marine sciences, education, medicine, law and policy, poetry and more! All courses involve fieldwork, boats, laboratory work, and research mentorship from award-winning faculty. Any UW student can spend a quarter at FHL.

This Fall FHL is offering two unique programs:

1) The Marine Biology and Humanities Quarter will include English/CHID, creative writing, and marine biology courses.  This quarter is great for incoming freshman through seniors, no pre-requisite coursework required.

2) The Pelagic (Open Water) Ecosystem Research Apprenticeship monitors the sensitive waters in the San Juan Archipelago, and students design and work on independent research projects with faculty mentorship.  This 15 credit, fieldwork intensive program is great for sophomores through seniors.

I cannot emphasize enough how awesome Friday Harbor is. Being surrounded by students with similar interests really allowed me to come into my own.  Nobody made fun of you for talking about science and fish all day, and it was actually encouraged!

–Jessica Hale, FHL Student

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