Wed 2/16 “The Future of Food” Screening

On Thursday, February 16, the Clowes Center for the Study of Conflict and Dialogue will screen The Future of Food, a documentary about the complex issues surrounding the massive changes happening in the food system today. In the words of the film’s director, Deborah Koons Garcia, “(t)his is a film that is not just watched, it’s used. It motivates people to take action, even if it’s just voting with their fork. The Future of Food has already helped influence policy. It’s exciting to think that the film could have a role in creating a healthier future for everyone.”

Our guest speaker will be Heather Day, Co-Founder of the Community Alliance for Global Justice (CAGJ) and UW alumnus. She will describe some of the work that CAGJ does to build local, sustainable food practices in Washington and around the world. Questions from the audience are encouraged.
Thursday, February 16th at 2:30pm in UW’s Allen Auditorium.

The Future of Food is the second installment of the Clowes Center’s quarterly film/speaker series, “Rethinking Citizenship, Democracy and Activism: Local-Global Entanglements.” Our spring quarter film will be 23rd and Union. Directed by Rafael Flores, this docu-drama weaves real interviews with fictional characters to investigate the 2008 murder of Degene Berecha in the popular Seattle restaurant “Philadelphia Cheese-Steak”. The film is an ADAPTED story, based on a range of stories by people acquainted with the victim and convicted murderer. It is used as a vehicle to discuss gentrification and the tension between young African-American men, Ethiopian immigrants and gay couples in Seattle’s Central District. Flores will be on hand after the screening for a discussion period.
Thursday, May 3 at 7:00pm in the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center.

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