Water in Jordan – INFO SESSION

Information session about the CEE Exploration Seminar Study Abroad in Jordan:

“Water in an Arid Land – The Engineered Water Cycle” (Early Fall 2012)

January 17 (Tuesday) 12:30PM in More Hall room 229

Study drinking water, wastewater, water-reuse, and water sources in the 10th most water-scarce country in the world, and earn 5 UW CEE 400-level credits doing it! Early Fall term (Aug 20 to Sept 19). All course work is in English, no language pre-requisite.

Course Instructors: Dr. Heidi Gough, Research Assistant Professor at UW Department of Civil and Environmental; Dr. Muno Abu-Dalo, Assistant Professor at the Jordan University of Science and Technology, and Jaffer Alali, graduate student at UW Department of Civil and Environmental.

The CEE department is sponsoring a study abroad course to examine water resources in an arid setting. Water is a scarce commodity. Jordan is ranked among the 10 most water-scarce nations in the world, and will serve as the backdrop for learning about water and wastewater treatment in a water-scarce region. The course is going to focus on the current and historic water resources in Jordan, drinking water treatment and distribution in Jordan including the use of cisterns and desalination, treatment of concentrated wastewater including efforts for safe reuse, and plans in Jordan for meeting future challenges. The course is designed for juniors, seniors, and graduate students in the CEE department. Others will also be considered. Financial aid may apply toward the costs of the course.