Marine Genomics: from Biodiversity to Evolution Spring Research Apprenticeship @ UW’s Friday Harbor Labs

Consider doing something extraordinary spring quarter.  Study off-campus at Friday Harbor Labs (FHL), UW’s world renowned marine station on San Juan Island.  FHL is an ideal place to jump-start a career in the marine sciences, education, medicine, law and policy, and more!  Freshmen-seniors and post-bacs are encouraged to apply. Tuition is the same as the Seattle campus, financial aid applies, and more aid is available as needed:

Marine Genomics: from Biodiversity to Evolution Research Apprenticeship (BIOL 479, 16 credits)

Biology and Medicine today is the Biology of Genomes. Advances of modern genomic sciences and technologies are just beginning to be introduced into traditional zoological and comparative disciplines including marine biology. With the goal of being able to ask important evolutionary questions, apprentices explore basal metazoans (such as Ctenophores and Cnidarian or jellies) and basal deuterostomes (such as Hemichoradates, Echinoderms, and Tunicates or marine worms, urchins, chitins, and sea squirts).  They will work to characterize the expression of genes in these species crucial for overall body patterning, organization of nervous, muscular, hormonal and immune systems.   Interested students are encouraged to apply regardless of prior experience!

Read about a student’s experience at FHL during spring quarter.

  • Application Deadline: Feb 1, but remains open if programs don’t fill
  • Friday Harbor Labs Info Session: Tues, Jan 17, 4-5:30, FSH 203