Get invoved with WashPIRG


This is Britt with WashPIRG. I wanted to invite you to come hear more about our campaigns and how you can get involved as an intern or volunteer.

In case you aren’t familiar with us, WashPIRG is a student funded, student directed organization here on campus and across the state. We focus on solutions to some of society’s biggest problems – like working to end hunger and homelessness, fighting global warming, and making college more affordable. Just last fall we worked with a coalition of local environmental groups and successfully passed a ban on single-use plastic grocery bags in the city of Seattle.

This winter and spring we will be educating 5,000 children about energy use and how it impacts the environment, organizing a fundraising competition for food banks, holding media events to pressure our state congressmen to pass the first statewide ban on single use plastic bags, calling on our university to stop investing in certain corporations that are particularly devious in their political spending, and more. All of our campaigns have a ton of internship and volunteer opportunities, and we’d love for you to join!

Please contact me or fill out an interest form on our website if you are interested in getting involved. You can also attend one of our info sessions, which will be held every weekday from January 4th-January 16th at 12:45 and 4:45pm in Allen Library South Red Room A.

I hope to see you soon!

Brittany Barcroft, Campus Organizer
WashPIRG Student Group at UW