Winter 2012 Atmospheric Science Courses

What causes hurricanes, thunderstorms, and severe weather? How are weather forecasts made? Are weather and climate changing? What type of research is being done currently in the atmospheric sciences? Learn the answers to these and other weather or climate questions AND earn NW credit from a course in ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES:

ATM S 101: Weather (5) NW SLN 10593
MTWTh 10:30-11:20 – Th or F Quiz times vary; KNE 220
General overview of weather, climate, and atmospheric phenomena (clouds, hurricanes, global weather patterns, etc.) Prerequisites: None. Open to all undergraduates Prof. Jerome Patoux,

ATM S 111: Global Warming (5) NW SLN 10603
TTh 10:30-12:20 – Th or F Quiz times vary; KNE 210
Scientists predict severe environmental consequences from global warming unless the energy basis of the world’s economy is rapidly and dramatically transformed. This course will examine the scientific basis of those predictions and the role of science in developing policy responses. Prerequisites: None. Open to all undergraduates
Prof. Cecilia Bitz,

ATM S 211: Climate Change (5) NW SLN 10612
MTWTh 10:30-11:20 – F Quiz times vary
Intro to the science of climate change and its causes. Suitable for non-science majors. Students with interests in environmental science and/or policy, the life sciences and engineering are encouraged to enroll. Prerequisites: None. Open to all undergraduates. Prof. David Battisti,

ATM S 212: Air Pollution (5) NW SLN 19741
MTWThF 10:30-11:20; ATG 310C
Intro to air pollution on local, regional, and global scales. We will focus on the sources, transformation, and dispersion of pollutants responsible for urban smog, acid rain, climate change and the stratospheric ozone hole. We will examine the health and environmental effects of air pollutants, as well as current (or potential) technological solutions and international policy regulations. Prerequisites: None. Open to all undergraduates.
Becky Alexander,