FISH 497: Scientific Writing and Communication

FISH 497: Scientific Writing and Communication. (SLN 13851)
This new W class in Scientific Writing and Communication is open to all majors.
The class will be taught by Tom Quinn, please see below for more details:

FISH 497 A: Scientific Writing and Communication will provide students with experience reading, writing, and presenting scientific papers. It is designed for undergraduate students early in their careers, and will focus on both the principles and mechanics of scientific communication.

Student learning goals
Read scientific papers in a critical and efficient manner.

Formulate and refine scientific hypotheses.

Write and edit scientific papers, including use of text, tables, figures, and references.

Present scientific information verbally.

Understand ethical issues regarding scientific communication, including acquisition of data, acknowledgement of assistance, and referencing of work done by others.

General method of instruction
Class will involve extensive interactions between the instructor and students, and among the students, including small writing assignments, oral presentations, web searches, extensive use of computers, and peer editing.

Recommended preparation
Udergraduate standing and a desire to improve communication skills.

Class assignments and grading
Numerous small assignments including writing, editing, web searches, and presentations. Participation and improvement will be emphasized because students may differ in background, command of English, and other attributes related to writing ability. A paper in scientific format and an oral presentation will be major components of the grade.