FISH 101: Water and Society

FISH 101: Water and Society (NW / I&S)
SLN 13819
Winter 2012
Class location: FSH 101
Lecture hours: MWF 10:30-11:20
Discussion hours: T or Th 9:30-11:20/11:30-1:20/1:30-3:20/2:30-4:20
HONORS SECTION: section AH meets TH 1:30 -3:20

Course website:

“Whiskey is for drinking; water is for fighting over” – Mark Twain

Water will be the Oil of the 21st century and beyond- the invaluable commodity that determines the wealth of nations, and the health of humans and the freshwater ecosystems upon which we depend. We all know too well the importance of clean, fresh water; but do you know the real reasons why water shortages have led to environmental degradation and intense social conflicts throughout the globe? Many of the most dangerous human diseases are water-borne; how are society’s actions exacerbating these? Why is the biodiversity of freshwater ecosystems the most imperiled on the planet? Is Seattle really a ‘wet’ place or are we running out of sustainable water supplies? This course will examine these and many related questions to improve our understanding of human dependencies and effects on freshwater ecosystems.