UW Career Center Workshops

Check out our series of online workshops. Anyone can access these 24/7 via the workshops link below. You can listen all the way through or click around to get the content you want most.


Current online workshops include:  Career Fair Success, Effective Resumes & Cover Letters, Resumes for Language Majors, Finding Jobs & Internships, Successful Interviews: Tips & Strategies, The U.S. Department of State: An Insider’s Perspective

The Career Center also regularly hosts workshops in our center. All students are welcome! Our in-person workshops are valuable opportunities to build skills, ask questions, network with other students and alumni, plus get exposed to the breadth of services we offer. Workshops offered at different times, Monday-Friday. No need to RSVP, just show up.

Dates & times found via our online calendar: http://careers.uw.edu/Calendar

Regularly offered in-person workshops include:  Networking for Shy People [and
everyone else!], Career Fair Success, Resumes and Cover Letters, Internships: What, Why and Where, Successful Interviews, Finding Jobs & Internships, Job Offer & Salary Negotiation, Applying to Graduate School, Job Search for International Students, Federal Jobs: Find and Apply