On the Road with Omprakash Volunteer Vance Walstra

October 5, 2011


Program of the Environment (POE) Commons
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On the Road with Omprakash Volunteer Vance Walstra

On the Road with Omprakash Volunteer Vance Walstra

Monday, October 3rd, will be the first of 40 action-packed days for Omprakash Volunteer and Grant Recipient Vance Walstra. Vance will be traveling from Seattle, Washington to San Francisco, California on a highly anticipated, first-ever tour to raise awareness for Omprakash – and he’s doing it all by bicycle.  The tour will span three states and cover nearly 1000 miles to deliver over 15 presentations to colleges, universities and high schools along the route.

In 2008, Vance was awarded an Omprakash Volunteer Grant to work with Helping Hands, an education and environmentally-focused Partner in Cusco, Peru. During that trip, he also traveled throughout Peru introducing new non-profit Partners to the Omprakash network. In 2010, Vance returned to Peru to act as a guide for three high-school students interested in creating adocumentary film about Omprakash Partners and the international volunteer experience. In between these trips, Vance traveled to several schools throughout the western United States, giving presentations and collaborating with classrooms and teachers to design and embellish service learning programs.

Now he’s giving back by hitting the road and sharing his volunteer experience with high schools, colleges and universities along the way.

As Vance put it, “My own experiences through Omprakash have subjected me to an entirely new understanding of our world. I have developed a new faith in human potential that has both empowered and humbled me… Through this trip, I hope to connect the passion and potential of individuals who seek to make a difference in the world, to the people and places where those type of individuals are needed.”

Come hear Vance’s account of his life changing experiences abroad and learn more about Omprakash, the network that made it all possible. Vance will be presenting at the UW on October 5th from 4:30-6PM at the POE Commons. To learn more about the Omprakash Bicycle Outreach Tour- please visit our website or Facebook pages, or follow Vance’s trip via his Omprakashprofile.

Omprakash is an educational community.

We facilitate communication, collaboration, and mutual learning within a diverse international network of grassroots projects.  Our free database of global Partners can empower you to volunteer abroad, advocate at home, or enrich your school’s academic curriculum and service-learning programs. We offer volunteer grants to help qualified applicants build lasting relationships with our outstanding Partners, and we enable these Partners to receive tax-deductible donations from their dedicated supporters. The Omprakash network currently supports over 157 Partner non-profits in over 35 countries spanning the globe. In 2011 alone, our Volunteer Grant program has provided over $30,000 to qualified recipients, enabling them to build lasting relationships with our amazing Partners around the world!–
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