Available Courses in Landscape Architecture

LARC 300, Summer Quarter 2011, MWF 1:10-5:00, SLN 11747, (6) credits

LARC 300, Autumn Quarter 2011, MWF, 1:30-5:20, SLN 15424, (6) credits

Landscape Architecture 300 explores design in a studio format where students work individually and in groups on design problems and generate solutions in different forms: texts, graphics, models, and possibly real-world installations.Materials produced in the class may be used in portfolios by students wishing to apply to our professional BLA and MLA programs. The goals of the studio are to convey the opportunities, challenges and excitement of design as a career; learn by practice and by visiting and analyzing successful design; explore one’s own creative potentials as a designer; and practice and hone basic design skills.Class participants should be prepared to work hard, experiment freely, and enjoy every part of the experience.