Featured ESS courses for Autumn 2011!

ESS 101 – Introduction to Geological Sciences
13818 A 5 MWF 1130-1220 KNE 130

ESS 101 is a lecture/lab class designed for non-science majors! After taking this course students will never look at the Earth the same! Students will learn about how the Earth evolved from primordial dust to form the compositionally zoned planet upon which life now exists. Students will learn about the unifying concept of plate tectonics, which will provide them with a framework to understand the why and where of earthquakes, volcanoes, mountain belts, ocean basins and rock types in their surrounding world; become amateur geologists and drive their friends and families crazy with their new-found knowledge; learn about time and its importance to the geologic record; learn that geologists pay more for their dates than Hollywood’s most elite stars! This course will provide students with important information about geologic hazards, which will perhaps one day save lives or personal property. If students love the outdoors, this course will give them many opportunities to visit spectacular geologic sites around Washington state through the ESS 101 optional weekend field trip program. The entire class will be invited to attend a special IMAX viewing of a geologic film at the Seattle Center.

ESS 102 – Space and Space Travel
13848 A 5 MWF 1130-1220 JHN 102

A concepts course for liberal arts and beginning science and engineering students interested in the space environment around the Earth, its control by solar activity, and potential opportunities for the exploration of the solar system. The course covers the filling of space with hot ionized gases called plasmas, the Sun as a source of the plasma, the formations of electron beams and guns, orbital mechanics, advanced spacecraft propulsion concepts including plasma propulsion, issues for manned exploration to the planets, the occurrence of plasma storms and aurora, terrestrial and space observations, today’s space weather and radiation hazards. Students gain hands-on experience though illustrative demonstrations and participation in a water rocket competition.

ESS 106 – Living with Volcanos
13857 A 3 MWF 230-320 JHN 102

This course explores volcanic activity from Washington, Earth, and the solar system. Students will learn how volcanoes work, and how they affect both the environment and human society. Examples from past and recent volcanic activity will be used to illustrate principles as well as looking at the possibility of predicting future eruptions.

These courses are taught by amazing faculty members who are dedicated to undergraduate education! The are all appropriate for students with no science background, and will fulfill NW credits!