Aut 2011 – New course – Q SCI 190 (substitution for Math 120!)

The Center for Quantitative Science would like to let you know about a new course that will be offered for the first time in autumn 2011 and again in winter and spring of 2012.

Q Sci 190 (Quantitative Analysis for Environmental Science) is an online, precalculus course, for students who must take a remedial course before registering for Q Sci 291 (calculus).

Instructor: Professor Bruce Bare

Covers applications of precalculus techniques and concepts to environmental, ecological, biological, and natural resource problems, stressing the formulation, solution, and interpretation of mathematical procedures.  Prerequisite:  2.0 in Math 098 or Math 103, a score of 151 on the MPT-G test, or a score of 145 on the MPT-A test.

Please note:  At the present time this course will not be accepted as a prerequisite for other UW Math sequences.  Students can’t use Q Sci 190 as a prerequisite for Math 124, for example.

Please contact Linda Hegrenes at or 206.543.1191 with questions.