Summer on campus Marine Biology course

FISH/BIOL/OCEAN 250: Intro to Marine Biology (5 cr)   I&S/NW  (Writing course)

Who are the animals living in the seas?  What do they eat?  How can any survive the pressure in the deepest depths of the ocean? Why is the ocean salty?  Is there really sex in the sea?  How can pollution be resolved?  No prereqs.  Required for the Marine Biology minor.

Course is offered Full-term (June 20th to Aug. 19th)

  • Lectures: MWTh from 1:10-2:10pm
  • Lab: M, T or W, 2:20-5:20
  • Field Trips: Students do one coast field trip and one local day trip and should plan to attend one from each set of dates (one of July 15 or 16 AND one of July 29 or 30.)     Dates are tentative and will be clarified closer to the start of the course.

Last summer’s website can give you an idea of course content at

Instructor: Mikelle Nuwer,