Spend Fall Quarter at UW’s Friday Harbor Labs

Consider doing something extraordinary this fall quarter by taking the Marine Biology & Social Science Quarter at UW’s Friday Harbor Labs, our marine station on San Juan Island.

Students enrolled in this program spend fall quarter living at the labs and taking three courses that all involve fieldwork, boats, laboratory work, and research mentorship from award-winning faculty. No natural science is needed to attend; many students go as early as their sophomore year:

The Marine Biology & Social Science Quarter

This quarter provides students with a panoramic cross-disciplinary narrative of current problems facing oceans and humans. The courses survey marine organisms and ecosystems, investigate how the oceans work and circulate, and explore current problems in the marine environment and the social groups involved in creating and solving these problems.

For this program, students take three classes from this list and can mix and match natural science and social science courses:

Natural Science Courses

  • Introduction to Marine Biology (OCEAN/BIOL/FISH 250)
  • Ocean Circulation (Ocean 210)
  • Biology of Fishes (FISH/BIOL 311)
  • Marine Biology Research Apprenticeship (BIOL/OCEAN/FISH 479)

Social Science Courses

  • Social Change and the Marine Environment (SOC/ENVIR 401/450)
  • Farming, Fishing, and Local Food (SOC/ENVIR 401/450)
  • Marine Environment Research Apprenticeship (ENVIR 499/SOC 499)

This program counts for many UW major and minor requirements. Please contact marbiol@uw.edu for more information about how FHL programs work with particular UW degrees. Regular UW financial aid applies. Applications are rolling with a final due date of July 1.  Visit FHL’s website for cost and application information.

“There was such a mix of people from different backgrounds.  Everyone wanted to be there, and that made for a great learning environment.  Everyone motivates everyone else and get into dorky conversations about invertebrates.  It was like Hogwarts.” 
-Friday Harbor Lab’s Student Ross Whippo