Spr 11 – need credits? doing internship or service?

General Studies 350 Section F: Working in Community: Making Connections through a Non-Profit Internship

3 credits (credit/no credit)

MW 2:30 pm-3:50 pm in ARC G070.

Are you engaged in a non-profit or public sector internship or service experience?

Interested in exploring your internship work in the context of community action, global citizenship, professional development, academic inquiry, and personal growth? This course allows you to come together with international students studying at the University of Washington through the Thematic Studies Abroad (TSA) Program -Global Studies, Local Service to contextualize your internship work.  As a compliment to your internship work, you will read about and discuss concepts of global citizenship and action, consider theories behind community-campus partnerships, closely connect your internship to your academic work through a research product for your internship organization, and engage in future academic and personal planning.

Email Rachel Vaughn at rvaughn@u.washington.edu for more information and an add code! In your email, please include your name, class standing, current internship involvement, and 2 primary goals for this class. Students can also feel free to attend the first class today, Monday, March 28th…and request an add code in person.