Paid fellowships for graduating students – Environmental America

Winning real changes in states across the country

With more than 100 professional staff and 1 million members, activists and allies in 29 states and Washington, D.C., we make the case and build the support necessary to overcome obstacles and win real results for the environment. We make changes at the state level and use them to build momentum for regional and national solutions to America’s biggest environmental problems.

Each year, Environment America hires passionate, talented and committed recent college graduates to join our two year Fellowship Program. Over the last decade, candidates accepted into our Fellowship Program have worked side-by-side with our most experienced advocates and organizers to make a real difference for the environment.


We are seeking recent college graduates who are ready to commit their time, skills and passion to grassroots political action on behalf of the environment. We look for smarts, academic excellence, creativity, top-notch written and verbal skills, and an eagerness to learn. We value leadership experience with campus and activist groups.


Fellowship candidates are hired nationwide and placed in Environment America offices across the country. During the interview process you can express your interest in one location, some locations, or all of our locations. In making placement decisions we will consider how best to match your location preference, experience, strengths and abilities with the campaigns we’re running and the experienced staff in a particular office, city or state.

Salary and benefits

As a recent graduate, you’ll earn $23,750 in your first year and $24,250 in your second year of the Fellowship. You’re eligible to opt into our group health plan. You accrue two weeks of paid vacation over the course of your first year, and an additional three weeks in your second year. You’re eligible to apply for college loan assistance after your third month, and to participate in our 401(k) plan at the end of your first year. Salary and benefits vary in California and New York.

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