SPR 11 class: Environmental Studies Foundations

Environmental Studies: Interdisciplinary Foundations
I&S/NW – 5 credits

Spring Quarter 2011
Lecture: MW 2:30-3:50pm
Discussions: TH or F at various times
Instructors: Peter Kahn (Psychology) and Kristi Straus (Fisheries)

Interested in the environment?  Need I&S/NW credit?  Environmental Studies 100 may be the class for you!

As a species, we love nature and yet we are also degrading and destroying nature. Where? Why? How? What can we do about it? Environmental Studies 100 will give you the foundations necessary to answer these questions using science and philosophy. Take this course if you are interested in learning about environmental problems and thinking broadly about solutions.

Humans and Nature | Biodiversity | Environmental Ethics | Climate Change | Children and Nature | Environmental Education | Natural Pollution | Technological Nature