Sustainable Agriculture in the San Juans [deadline extended]

Hi Everyone,


I’m writing to ask for your help in promoting a class that I am going to be teaching this Summer in the San Juan Islands.  Our course will be focusing on Sustainable Agriculture and Forest Ecology and the possibilities of finding a more perennial, sustainable method of growing crops.   The content will be very science focused, but we will start basic so students without a lot of science background are also encouraged to apply.   The accommodations will be rustic – students will be in tents and we will be cooking our own meals – it will be somewhat like agroecology field camp!

The course is titled- “Sustainable Agriculture and Conservation” in the San Juans.    It will be offered this summer (B term)  through the Friday Harbor Labratories – it will be co-taught by me and Carson Sprenger.   A course description can be found on the following webpage


Applications are due Febuary 1st (but this deadline has been extended to accommodate late applications) !  This class will be held on Shaw Island not at Friday Harbor.

We are only accepting 15 students.   If you or someone you know is interested please contact me with questions.

Thank you so much,
Beth Wheat (