Summer Marine Ecology Volunteer Opportunity in BC

SFU’s Coastal Marine Ecology Lab is looking for hard-working and enthusiastic volunteers to participate in this summer?s field work for our First Nations Ancient Mariculture Project.

We are studying First Nations Clam Gardens on Quadra Island, BC.  You will be part of a team of ecologists, archaeologists and other inspirational volunteers. Our project is a novel fusion of experimental ecology and archaeological research. There is potential for collecting data for your capstone or other research projects. We will be working during almost all of the low tides from April 15- August 15th. Minimum consecutive 9 day commitment required. Preference given to people able to commit to multiple tides.

You’ll be getting your hands DIRTY and having FUN, digging clams, sifting midden, mapping, and canoeing in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

*food and lodging (aka camping on a beautiful island) and guaranteed adventures all included for your services*

For more information please contact:

*Amy Groesbeck*

Simon Fraser University

Resource and Environmental Management