MIT Summer PAID Research program for underrepresented students – due 1/30

The Department of Biology and the Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences at MIT offer a joint 10-week summer research-intensive training program in the biological sciences, neurosciences or biomedical-related fields to advanced sophomore and junior science majors from other colleges and universities. This summer internship program is funded in part by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the MIT School of Science. Students interested in engineering and disciplines with no relevance to biology or neuroscience should apply to the general MIT Summer Research Program (MSRP).

The summer program is primarily designed to encourage students from under-represented minorities, first-generation college students, and students from economically-disadvantaged backgrounds to attend graduate school and pursue a career in basic research, by providing them the opportunity to conduct supervised research in a top-notch research institution, in a supportive learning environment with plenty of interaction with graduate students and faculty.
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