Winter: Eco-Humanities course (VLPA)

If you know of students in need of VLPA credits, please steer them toward FRENCH 499, a new Eco-Humanities course, cross-listed w/ ENGL 365, which still has room.  Requirements are the same for all students (whether enrolled in French or English section).  Course is taught in English, has no prerequisite, and was recently designated as VLPA.

SLN 13867 FRENCH 499A MW 930-1120

The Imagination of Water – New Eco-Humanities Course All lectures, discussions and readings in English.

This interdisciplinary course, part of an emerging series of courses in the “eco-humanities” (look for LITR 298/GERM 298 in Spring 2011 and ENGL

365 in subsequent quarters), consideres water’s significance in a variety of global cultural traditions and asks how water’s meaning has changed as we become more conscious of risks in supply (posed by pollution and natrual/man-made scarcity) and as access to it is increasingly mediated (as a result of its privatization, commodification, etc.). Novels, essays, films and other cultural documents from Western Europe, Africa, the Maghreb, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and North and Latin America.

Counts toward the French major; open to all. taught by Prof. Richard Watts.