Winter Course Suggestion: Weather and Climate Prediction

ATM S 380 Weather and Climate Prediction (3) NW SLN 10586

MWF 12:30-1:20, ATG 610
The atmosphere is part of a complex system that is often best investigated with models. Atmospheric models offer the opportunity to probe real phenomena, and models can be used as a learning tool to explore ideas though “what if” experimentation. This course will provide an overview of what weather and climate models entail, and how these models are used in the atmospheric sciences. Students will learn to run state-of-the-art models used for research in the atmospheric sciences. The course will cover techniques to visualize and analyze atmospheric phenomena. Students will be introduced to numerical methods and high-performance computing.

Prerequisite: MATH 126; PHYS 122; one of ATMS 101, ATM S 111, ATM S 211, ATM S 301, ASTR 150, ASTR 321, or ESS 201.
Instructor: Cecilia Bitz