Win 2011 – Global Health 101 course and minor

The Department of Global Health is pleased to offer an exciting new course next quarter taught by Professors Matt Sparke and Steve Gloyd.  It is entitled:  Global Health 101: Disparities, Determinants, Policies and Outcomes.   We would be most grateful if you would spread the word about this opportunity.

The course will serve as a core requirement for students seeking to earn the proposed Minor in Global Health.  High enrollment will also send a strong message to University administration about undergraduate interest in the field of Global Health.  Please note that while the Minor is still under review with FCAS, Global Health 101 has been fully approved.

The course is listed under the inter-college section of the time schedule:

Here is the link to the course description:

Lastly, for students interested in Global Health, below is information about Global Health 402/502, the winter installment of the for-credit 400-level lecture series:

GH 402/502: Contemporary Issues in Global Health This course is a new addition to the lecture series classes offered in Fall and Spring.  The course will meet once per week (Wednesday, 3:30-5:00 pm) and this quarter’s focus will be on the UN’s Millenium Development Goals.  Instructors: Daren Wade and Julie Beschta.  GH 402/502 can be taken out of sequence with the GH 401/501 or GH 403/503 and there are no prerequisites.

As always, I welcome your questions about the Minor and appreciate the referrals you have been sending my direction.

Best wishes,

Todd Faubion,

Departments of Geography & Global Health