Field Experience – Nov 6/7 and continuing

Our group is investigating the ecological effects of geoduck clam aquaculture on beaches in Puget Sound, and we could use your help. We’ll be collecting/preserving benthic core samples, photo-quadrats, and some excavation samples in 5-6 person teams (each team is led by a graduate student or senior researcher). The schedule is below. You should feel free to sign on for as many days as you think you can spare (the more, the better!). We really try to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone!   For more information on the program, please see the Sea Grant website:

Contact me if you have questions (Sean; 206-914-1776,


Each day we’ll depart from the loading dock on the west side of the Fisheries Sciences Building (FSH, aka SAFS; across from Recycled cycles). Please try to be there about 10 minutes before the departure time so we can load all of the gear. We will most likely head straight to our research sites without delay so plan on packing a travel mug if you need java to keep yourself motivated. Once we get to the sites we’ll give everyone an overview of the survey design and divide up into groups to complete tasks. Our trips typically take 7-8 hours.

ITEMS YOU SHOULD BRING: I would recommend preparing for variable, chilly weather this time of year. Dress in layers and expect to get muddy/dirty. Gloves and a warm hat are often a good idea. If you have rubber boots, please bring them. You should also bring rain gear (rain pants or overalls might help you stay a bit cleaner too). A HEADLAMP IS REQUIRED FOR NIGHTTIME TRIPS. If you’re lacking a headlamp or boots/gear, please let me know and I’ll find something for you. You should also pack a snack. Please let me know if you have any questions. Again, thank you for contributing to this study. We appreciate your help.



Friday (11/5) -2.33 ft @ 10:58PM; depart UW @ 7:00PM Friday
Saturday (11/6) -2.81 ft @11:40PM; depart UW @ 7:40PM Saturday


P. Sean McDonald, PhD

Instructor, Program on the Environment

Research Associate, School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences

University of Washington

Box 355020

Seattle, WA 98195-5020

PoE office: 206-616-2186

SAFS office: 206.221.5456