Winter Course Suggestions in Oceanography

OCEAN 102: The Changing Oceans (5) NW/I&S
Professor: Mikelle Nuwer
Historical case studies of research on the ancient oceans, deep-sea
exploration, climate change and the oceans, and human impacts on marine
life. Students consider societal factors affecting progress in marine
science, changing popular attitudes toward the oceans, and key current
policy implications of marine science. Intended for nonmajors.

OCEAN 121: Deep Sea Exploration: Submarine Volcanoes and Novel Life Forms (2) NW
Professor: Deb Kelley
Dynamic marine processes that shape our planet and cutting-edge oceanographic
technologies used to explore the deepest oceans. Imagery of rarely seen
submarine volcanic eruptions, hot springs and novel life forms will highlight
the interconnected geological-biological processes creating the most extreme
environments on Earth.

OCEAN 454: Hydrothermal Systems: An Interdisciplinary View (3) NW
Professors: Marv Lilley and John Baross
Provides a general, interdisciplinary overview of seafloor hydrothermal
systems including important geological, chemical and biological processes.
Topics include tectonic and volcanic controls on hydrothermal systems,
water/rock reactions, phase separation, temporal variability, fluxes
to the deep sea, micro- and macro biology.