Community Restoration Project – Oct. 10, 2010

The Environmental Outreach and Stewardship (EOS) Alliance would like to invite you to a community event that The EOS Alliance, in conjunction with, is hosting on October 10th. The event will take place in the Beacon Hill neighborhood, on S 20th Ave and Lucile Street (near Cleveland High School).  EOS Alliance and volunteers from other organizations intend on creating a community event to celebrate the Maple School Natural Area and surrounding community.

Our event will feature food, music, art, and the continued restoration of the Maple School Natural Area.  The Maple School Natural Area is a green space where EOS Alliance is currently conducting habitat restoration work on behalf of the Green Seattle Partnership.  We want to create a community involvement for lasting care of the natural area and greater appreciation for the importance of healthy green spaces in Seattle.

We would like to invite you, your colleagues, and ask you to intend the invitation to any student or student organizations you think may be interested. For more information you can visit

I thank you for your time and hope to see you out there!

Thanks again,

Tim Flynn

EOS Alliance

Sustainability Coordinator