ENTRE 490/579, ENGR 498, ENVIR 450

Fall Quarter, Tuesdays 4 – 6:00 pm

Classroom Johnson Hall 175

Instructor:  Emer Dooley (emer@u.washington.edu)

Prerequisites:  None

Innovations in Clean Tech

The Environmental Innovation Practicum is designed for undergraduate and graduate students who want to focus on developing innovative solutions to real-world environmental problems.

The seminar will consist of a series of industry experts who will speak on a specific clean-tech topic each week and a selection of required readings.  You will work in teams to present a proposed clean-tech solution to an environmental problem. The final deliverable for the class is a 5-10 minute presentation. Syllabus click here.

Course topics will include:

  • Environmental challenges and opportunities linked to clean-tech.
    • How to translate an idea into an actual device/product/company (including intellectual property protection)
    • Market assessment (who would be the customer for this product or service?)
    • Local/national venture capital and angel firms now focused on clean-tech endeavors, and other opportunities/resources at UW

UW Environmental Innovation Challenge – March 31, 2011

Although not required, the course links to the UW Environmental Innovation Challenge. To see the Challenge in action, watch the 4-minute video  UW EIC 2010 Video

Feel free to contact me for more information.

Pam Tufts, Assistant Director

Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Michael G. Foster School of Business, University of Washington

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