Cultural and Ecological Interpreter (AmeriCorps)- at Sumpter Valley Dredge State Heritage Area


Cultural and Ecological Interpreter (AmeriCorps)- at Sumpter Valley Dredge State Heritage Area!
Northwest Service Academy – LINKS Program – 3 month position (450
Position Starts June 11, 2010
Application Deadline is May 31, 2010

A general summary of the job duties are listed below.  For more detailed information and a full job description, see the Oregon State Park’s Jobs page on our website at: 

Position Summary:  The Cultural and Ecological Interpreter will participate in producing interpretive programs and projects as they relate to the park?s interpretive features, and further the implementation of the Sumpter Valley Dredge Interpretive Plan.  These projects may include but may not be limited to; developing interpretive prog! rams for school age children, developing living history programs, building descriptive props, natural or environmental programs as they relate to the dredge tailings, and expand on current Dredge tours and mining demonstrations.  The position offers an opportunity to increase your knowledge of eastern Oregon?s flora and fauna, and to expand your presentation skills while engaging the public in learning more themselves.  

Sumpter Valley Dredge State Heritage Area has a very diverse range of visitor interests. The programs and projects completed by the LINKS AmeriCorps member will help provide more learning options and meet a wider range of visitor expectations and interests, while influencing how they view the natural world and cultural history of the region. 

General Responsibilities (to include, but not limited to): 
1.  Develop interpretive programs or presentations to be used by current and future staff and volunteers. These may include but not limited to: guided nature walks, living history and/or environmental impact programs, JR Ranger related programs, and Interpretive Plan projects.
2.  Work with other park staff to present interpretive programs and activities to the public.  These programs may include but not limited
to: living history, demonstrations, guided walks, tours, roving, youth related programs, etc.
3.  Assist park staff in implementing Phase I action items in the Sumpter Valley Dredge Interpretive Plan.
4.  Work with park staff to restore and preserve park property as needed through invasive plant management, fire preventative trail maintenance, and stream restoration project monitoring/maintenance.
5.  Participate in staff planning and breakout sessions, safety meetings, etc.
6.  Record program attendance, maintain and update files and compile other statistical data.
7.  Complete and submit all necessary LINKS AmeriCorps Program paperwork and reports in a timely manner. 
8.  Attend and complete LINKS AmeriCorps Program orientation and enrollment session. 
9.  Wear an appropriate LINKS identifier and required safety gear while performing service or attending official events.

1.  Good customer service skills – ability to work with people of all ages and walks of life. 
2.  Good people skills – desire to work in a team setting, good communication skills 3.  Self motivation to take on projects and work independently if needed.
4.  An interest in history, nature and the desire and ability to share that with others.
5.  Computer skills – experience with Microsoft Office programs and photo editing software.
6.  Adaptability and flexibility
7.  Creativity to develop and present quality interpretive programming.
8.  May travel overnight to other parks, headquarters or other agency facilities for training and meetings. 
9.  Because the park facilities are spread out and the park features about 2 miles of trails, it is important that applicants be capable of walking for extended periods of time over uneven surfaces and varying grades.
10.  Temperatures may remain above 90 to 100 degrees and may cause issues with individuals that have a severe sensitivity to sunlight or heat. 
11.  The park is at an elevation of about 4600? and may cause issues if an individual has severe asthma or breathing difficulties.
12.  LINKS members must be at least 17 years of age at the time of enrollment in the program. 
13.  U.S. citizen, national or lawful permanent resident.
14.  Possession of a high school diploma or equivalent, or commit to earning one prior to receiving an education award.
15.  Ability to commit to the full term of service for which they are applying.
16.  Submit to a criminal history background check and National Sex Offender Registry search.
17.  Regular and reliable attendance.
Preferred Qualifications:
1.  Prior ed! ucation and/or experience with interpretive program development 2.  Prior education or interpretive background in environmental or historical interpretation, graphic design, art, theater, childhood education, geology, plant and/or animals, gold mining, and 19th or early 20th century engineering.

For more information, contact Clyde Holliday Management Unit Park Manager Dennis Bradley at 541-932-4453 or Jill Nishball, Statewide Volunteer Coordinator at 503-986-0752.