Intermittent Aquarium Biologist 1 position

Intermittent Aquarium Biologist 1
Seattle Parks and Recreation

 Starting Salary:  $19.48 plus earned premium pay (starts at 5%) 

Location: Seattle Aquarium, Pier 59, 1483 Alaskan Way

As part of the Seattle Aquarium’s Life Sciences Division, the Intermittent Aquarium Biologist 1 is responsible for assigned husbandry duties caring for the Seattle Aquarium’s animal collection.  This position will be working mostly during the evening and graveyard shifts with the occasional daytime shift. This position reports directly to the Curator of Fish and Invertebrates.  

Who May Apply: Any individual who meets the following qualifications may apply for this position.


  • Two years of college level courses in biology, oceanography or a related field.
  • The equivalent of six months full time work experience in aquatic animal care and aquarium systems maintenance.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Collaboration and team-building skills.
  • Must possess organizational skills, be self-motivated and communicate effectively orally and in writing.
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds, to work outdoors, on wet and slippery surfaces, and at heights.
  • Must have a clear understanding of fish and invertebrate biology and technical knowledge of marine biology, water quality analysis, aquatic life support systems and marine animal health.
  • Must have an in-depth understanding of the need for the conservation of our marine environment.
  • Ability to use various computer software products: MS Word, Excel, and Access.
  • Must have or be able to obtain a Washington State Drivers License.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

May be regularly scheduled to work as an Aquarium Biologist 1 as well as working in an on-call capacity; works day or night shifts when permanent staff are unavailable.

  • May assist on special projects, such as research or collecting activities.
  • Feeds and cares for aquarium specimens, medicates animals according to established procedures and specific instructions, and maintains related records on paper and computer systems.
  • Performs maintenance of exhibits and systems including cleaning and chlorinating display tanks, repairing exhibits, and setting up or dismantling exhibits.
  • Monitors computerized life support systems.
  • Maintains a current and clear understanding of life support and mechanical systems for open and closed aquarium systems.  Works with Aquarium engineers to maintain proper water quality in all fish and invertebrate exhibits.
  • Acts as exhibit interpreter in formal and informal settings.
  • Serves as a customer service liaison through daily contacts with visitors and suppliers, providing information and answering questions.
  • SCUBA certification preferred.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Shift Assignment

Intermittent staff are expected to be available to work any Life Sciences shifts, within reason.  However for this particular position, the emphasis will be on working the evening and graveyard shifts. They may also be asked to work beyond these hours under special circumstances.  The standard Life Sciences shifts are listed below:

Day shift                     7:00 am to 4:00 pm
Evening Shift              3:30 pm to 11:30 pm
Graveyard Shift          11:00 pm to 7:00 am

How to Apply

If you are interested in being a part of our team please send or email a cover letter and resume by May 27, 2010 to:

 Sal Muñoz

Seattle Aquarium Evening Supervisor
1483 Alaskan Way, Pier 59
Seattle, WA 98101