Participate on a Research Cruise this summer?

Chance to Participate on the R/V Thompson Summer 2010 Expedition

Leg 1 July 25-August 7

Leg 2 August 7-August 22

Applications due May 15

This is an invitation for students to participate on a major research cruise in preparation for installation of the Regional Scale Nodes underwater cabled observatory as part of the National Science Foundation’s Ocean Observatories Initiative. This cruise will be on the 274’ R/V Thomas G. Thompson and will include the robotic vehicle ‘Jason 2’ and the underwater vehicle ‘Sentry’. These vehicles will be used for real-time, imaging, sampling, and mapping of 1) methane seeps and novel biological communities on the Oregon Margin, and 2) submarine hot springs on Axial Volcano, >200 miles off the coast of Washington. Leg 1 dates to the methane seeps are July 25 (Seattle) to August 7, 2010 (Newport OR). Leg 2 dates to Axial Volcano are August 7, 2010 (Newport OR), to August 22 (Newport OR).

Course work of 3 credits is available. Students may register for Ocean 411 Special Topics in Marine Geology and Geophysics and may participate on a single or both Legs.  Instructors are Oceanography Professors John Delaney and Debbie Kelley. Interested students should contact Michelle Townsend ( by May 15. Applications should be one page and must include your name, email address, class year, major, and a short statement of why you believe you should be chosen to participate on this cruise. A limited number of berths are available. For more information about the expedition, course, and high power and bandwidth cabled observatory see: