NOAA Science Camp Summer jobs

Applications for NOAA Science Camp positions are now being accepted:

Partners in NOAA Science Camp development, Washington Sea Grant and NOAA, are seeking exceptional applicants for several temporary part time staff that are needed to facilitate this summer’s NOAA Science Camp.  NOAA Science Camp is also an excellent opportunity for educators to learn about NOAA and WSG resources and network with professional scientists who have a demonstrated interest and commitment to the education of our youth.

Held at NOAA’s Seattle facility at Sand Point, these five-day summer camp sessions offer opportunities for seventh and eighth graders to explore marine sciences and have fun at the same time. Participants are introduced to earth and ocean sciences and to science careers through hands-on activities emphasizing solutions to real-world problems.

The camp was established in 2003 through a partnership between Washington Sea Grant and NOAA’s Western Regional Center in Seattle. Because of the continuing growth of this program, two sessions of camp are offered again in 2010.

Each day is filled with fun projects and activities that explore the mysteries of our oceans and atmosphere. During the week, NOAA Science Campers can:

  • Try on dive gear and simulate a dive in a hyperbaric chamber.
  • Age fish and assess fish populations.
  • Identify different marine mammals by looking at tags and skulls.
  • Analyze water samples and see how buoys sample the ocean to help predict large-scale climate events.
  • Learn how to use marine navigation charts and practice your charting skills.
  • Learn about hazardous substances and respond to a spill.
  • Work with NOAA scientists.

Each person attending the camp will leave with increased environmental knowledge and an awareness of how NOAA science applies to their local and global communities.


NOAA Science Camp part time, temporary positions are now posted on the University of Washington employment site, UW Hires. To learn more about a position and to apply online, go to the UW Hires Website at Enter the Requisition number and go directly to the position.

  • NOAA Science Camp Coordinator (1 position)
    • Requisition number: 63381
  • NOAA Science Camp Educators (5 positions)
    • Requisition number: 63488
  • NOAA Science Camp Assistants (5 positions)
    • Requisition number: 63489