Summer course: L ARCH 498A Reading the Elwah: Tracing the Dynamics of Landscape Change

L ARCH 498A/598A Reading the Elwah: Tracing the Dynamics of Landscape Change
Information Meeting: May 4th, Noon, ARCH 042

There is a limit of fifteen (15) spaces, so be sure and go to the Information Meeting.

Located on the Olympic Peninsula, the Elwha River and the watershed through which it drains, is steeped in the social and cultural histories of local Native American tribes, Euro-American settlement and subsequent development within the region. Once supporting one of the most productive runs of salmon on the Olympic Peninsula, two dams were constructed on the river in the early 20th century. Both dams are slated for removal beginning in the summer of 2010. This course, Reading the Elwah, will exa! mine social and cultural transitions that have occurred within the biophysical context of the watershed over the past 150 years. Students enrolled in this field-based course will travel to the Olympic Peninsula and spend five days tracing the river course of the Elwha by reading and recording their observations. Students will be camping at designated sites and are asked to bring their own provisions. Transportation will be provided. Two brief planning meetings are scheduled for July 26th and 30th.

Ken Yocom, Assistant Professor

July 22-August 20 (B Term)
When Actual Trip is: August 2-August 6, 2010.
Olympic Penisula (Field Course)
(4) credits, SLN# 13686 (498A), 13685 (598A)