SACNAS Travel Scholarships for Climate Change and Polar Science Students

The 2010 SACNAS National Conference will take place in Anaheim, California from September 30- October 3. This year’s theme is “Science, Technology, and Diversity for a Sustainable Future”.

SACNAS would like to announce a unique opportunity for students and postdocs in the climate change and polar sciences.

Eligible Disciplines
Apply for one of the 50 Travel Scholarships available specifically for undergraduate students, graduate students and postdocs in the following disciplines:

* Environmental Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences, Climate Sciences
* Paleoclimatology
* Polar Oceanography,Polar Ecosystems: Marine Biology, Terrestrial
* Biology
* Glaciology
* Ecology, Agroecology, Sustainable Agriculture
* Natural Resource and Land Management
* Traditional Ecological Knowledge
* Ecosystems Toxicology, Ecological Risk Analysis

Conference Programming
Travel scholarship recipients will participate in professional development sessions, networking events, and receive priority for an off site field trip. SACNAS will also feature various climate change and polar science focused scientific symposia sessions, including:

* The Water is Rising-Climate Change and the Consequences for Global Sea Level
* Biodiversity and Sustainability in the Sea: An Interdisciplinary Approach
* Adapting to (and Surviving) a Changing Climate
* Land cover and coastal change in the Arctic: a response to global change that impacts native people of the north

Award Details
The SACNAS Travel Scholarship award includes:
* Travel to/from Anaheim, California
* Lodging at a conference hotel
* Meals provided at the conference

Video Tutorials
We are excited to announce the Travel Scholarship application video tutorial available to assist applicants through the process.

All eligible* students must apply by the April 30th deadline to be considered. For further information visit: SACNAS Travel Scholarships

*Applicants must have a valid SACNAS membership and register for the conference.

**Note:  Students who will participate in a summer research program in 2010 have until July 9th to submit their applications. Click here for Summer Travel Scholarships