APPLY NOW to be a TA for ENVIR 100: Environmental Studies 100

Now accepting applications to be a…
Peer T.A. for ENVIR 100: Environmental Studies: Interdisciplinary Foundations for autumn quarter, 2010

The Program on the Environment is currently accepting applications for 2 peer TA positions for the autumn quarter 2010 offering of ENVIR 100: Environmental Studies 100: Interdisciplinary Foundations. Peer TAs are registered undergraduate students with superior qualifications, who are trained in teaching skills, and serve in the same capacity as graduate student TAs. This is an exciting opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience while still completing your undergraduate degree. This would be especially valuable to students interested in environmental education or for students interested in applying to graduate school.

As a Peer TA, you will be responsible for attending the lecture for ENVIR 100 (3 hours per week), attending a weekly instructor meeting (approximately 1 hour per week), and managing one discussion section (2 hours per week). Additional tasks include: preparation for your discussion section; meeting with students during office hours, extra help or review sessions; and grading. The total time commitment is anticipated to be approximately 15 hours per week.

Peer TAs will earn academic credit (1-5 credits, variable, of ENVIR 498, CR/NC).

Priority will be given to students who meet the following requirements:
Completion or current registration in BIOL 492: Teaching of Biology
Completion of ENVIR 100 with a minimum grade of 3.0
Environmental Studies (Program on the Environment) majors or minors
At least Junior level standing.

Credits earned for being a peer TA can be applied to the ‘Tools and Technology’ requirement of the Environmental Studies major or minor.

To apply, please submit the following:

– Resume

– An unofficial copy of your UW transcript (transfer transcripts not necessary)

– Statement of intent answering the following questions (no longer than 2 pages):

  • What is your interest in being a peer TA for ENVIR 100?
  • What kinds of unique abilities or experiences would you bring to this position?
  • How does your knowledge of or experience with teaching or environmental studies qualify you to be a peer T.A.?

Deadline for applications is 5 pm, Friday, April 16.
Please submit application materials to the Program on the Environment – Attention: ENVIR 100 TA application.

In person: PoE Front Desk: ACC 012

By mail:
Program on the Environment
University of Washington
ACC Box 355679
3737 Brooklyn Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98105-2802

By fax: 206-616-2465

Please direct any questions to:
Joe Kobayashi
Academic Counselor
Program on the Environment
Phone: 206-616-2461 Fax: 206-616-2465