Summer jobs – Fishing/Seafood Companies

Alaska produces about 62% of the seafood that is consumed in the USA.  The busy harvesting season is during the summer months.

For summer and seasonal work in the Pacific Northwest, processing members of the Seafood Products Association are starting to accept resumes from college students, graduates, and school teachers with a science background — food science students are especially encouraged to apply.  Most of the jobs are located in Alaska.

o     Bristol Bay has opportunities during mid-June to late July.  (This is a short season.)

o      Greater Alaska has opportunities during June to mid-September.

The time will vary depending on the availability of fish.

Students are encouraged to visit the SPA website to read more about the types of positions and environmental conditions that Alaska has to offer.  There will be overtime and that is a great opportunity to boost your income and to gain some hands-on work experience in a relatively short time.  The work is challenging and may be a 7-day work week.  Some of the positions may require physical endurance due to long work hours.  You may be on your feet all day.  Housing, food and transportation from Seattle to Alaska may be provided depending on the company, assignment, and location.  Workers from all cultures live in company sponsored dormitories.  Your summer will be an interesting experience in Alaska!  Visit the SPA careers web site for more details:

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