Marine Algae Course at FHL – Sum 2010 – apply by Feb. 1st


Biology 539 (9 Credits) June 14 – July 16, 2010

University of Washington Friday Harbor Laboratories,

San Juan Island, Washington


Dr. Bob Waaland and Dr. Tom Mumford

Major Topics:

1. Biodiversity of marine algae will be investigated by introducing and practicing the techniques and skills essential for identification of marine macrophytes including seagrasses. Seaweeds from diverse habitats (intertidal, subtidal, sheltered and exposed, eelgrass beds, salt marshes) will be examined in field forays and laboratory studies of these communities in the San Juan Archipelago and on the outer coast of Vancouver Island. Record keeping essential for biodiversity analysis will be emphasized. Lab methods will emphasize the use of essential literature, internet databases, and microscopic examination in order to understand the morphological and reproductive diversity details required for identification of seaweed taxa. Two dredging trips on the R/V Centennial will access the deeper marine flora; we plan to use an underwater ROV to examine seaweed communities in select localities.

For more information and how to apply for the course, please see:

Application review begins Feb. 1st, so apply by then for best chance of getting accepted.